10 SEO Tips Lyrics:
10 basic SEO tips, lets get it yall
Shout out to Cyrus Shepherd pulled this off the Moz blog
You want to get your new content indexed
Pay attention, follow these 10 steps
Login to search console, thats where you start at
Url inspection, submit the sitemap
Google has an API where you can do it too 
When complete, steps 1-3 are through
Number 4, build links from the other pages
Preferably the ones ranking with the best engagement
Update your old content, thats number 5
Keep it fresh, keep it current, keep it live
Tweet it, post it, share it, be social
Thats number 6, the cheapest promotion
Steps 7 and 8 all about getting traffic
Don’t matter if its referrals, paid, or organic
Number 9, make sure you have a fresh topic
After all, who wants to read outdated content
Url structure important indeed 
Confirm its search engine friendly and easy to read
Thats 10 basic seo tips to index
And help you rank faster so you can get clicks
If your site converts, then you got action
Give it a try and hit me back, The SEO Rapper