Reputation Management
Written by Charles Lewis
Produced by LxrdJaay Beats
Inspired by Brent Barnhart & Sprout Social


Reputation Management Lyrics

reputation management is so important so Imma get straight to it

shout out to Sprout Social, and Brent Barnhart, told us how to do it

how to stay in good standing with your clients

first focus on honesty and kindness

pay attention then apply it get it down it a science

trust me you’ll earn more finance

determine where you currently stand that’s number 1 when we start on the journey

3rd party reviews, client feedback, DMs, and social media postings

number 2 track company mentions, then reply with good intentions

don’t be offensive,

search hashtags keywords and other extensions

look out for the fake reviews, and the false news, usually have a fake look

it might be on Google, might be on Yelp, Bing, IG or Facebook

number 3 be proactive and positive,

respond quickly and not derogative

number 4 take control of your narrative

its imperative, to show the company character

repost reviews on your own site

so they can see it when they swipe

if they considering taking action then they might

gimme that opt in, that call, that quote, that like

number 5 all about the comments and the critics

study the analytics

make changes that improve service and web visits

I aint talking no gimmicks

just fixes based on statistics

every company different

digital word of mouth is still the best way to get it

reputation management will fix it

if you focus on your specifics

improve response time and logistics

or use a tool and get it done in minutes

like click here, check that, upload, finished