We talking pay per click, Google Ads, Bing Ads
trading clicks for cash
trying to get leads fast
Roman Daneghyan gave us 9 tactics
to improve your paid traffic
SEW has it
number 1, have a well defined goal
is it traffic, sales, subscribes, or downloads
number 2, use keywords with high performance
how you structure the campaign is very important
number 3, optimize the keyword quality
this one of those tasks that you should do constantly
is it relevant from the ad text to the landing page
consistent message and experience is well played
number 4, create a list of negatives
the words you don’t want to show up for and competitors
number 5, write engaging ad copy
keep it neat not sloppy
confident not cocky
utilize remarketing, that’s number 6
the lowest cost per click to get return hits
number 7, use ad extensions
click to call and other will make your ad strengthened
number 8, optimize for mobile
remain focused especially if your target local
keep track of the campaign, that’s number 9
monitor frequently to make sure it doing fine
if you managing paid ads, then don’t ignore this
9 tactics to improve your PPC performance

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