roman danehyan ppc performance

On this episode of The SEO Rapper Podcast, we’ll discuss pay-per-click and how to improve the performance of your campaigns.  I located an article on Search Engine Watch called, “Nine tactics to improve your PPC campaign performance in 2020″ by Roman Daneghyan.  He highlighted a few of the benefits of using PPC like how ads can improve your brand awareness, and also boost sales.

The 9 ppc tactics are really a combination of campaign strategy, organization, and overall setup.

  1. Have a well-defined goal
  2. Use the high-performance keyword
  3. Optimize the quality of the keyword
  4. Create a list of negative keywords
  5. Write engaging ad copy
  6. Utilize remarking
  7. Use ad extensions
  8. Optimize your campaigns for mobile users
  9. Keep track of your PPC campaign

The reality is, this is why people like me, and other marketing agencies get clients. Most businesses and organizations can benefit from some level of paid ads.  However, they lack the experience, personnel, and marketing savvy to get it done.  So, they hire someone. He closed out by saying, “No matter what the shape and size of your business is, PPC advertising can help you gain higher visibility on search engines and boost conversion.” I agree, especially display ads.  If you have a website, it just make sense to have active remarking ads.

Round of applause for Roman, and the good people over at Search Engine Watch. 

Be sure to watch the rap video for PPC Performance Improvement.