You doing online marketing please define your target audience

Lets dig a little deeper and look beyond the obvious

Conner Lahey, posted 7 tips for you to remember

SEMRush blog, 2020 December

Don’t go creating random content without no worries 

You want the right content, at the right point during their purchase journey

When you target right

you’ll catch em thirsty

I got that water too

click here in a hurry

See I want you to try it

And I need you to buy it

Drive relevant traffic from people who are likely to become a client

Number 1, understand your current customers demographics

Start with the sales teams, then check the analytics

Number 2, utilize social insights

What type of person you have following, commenting, and liking

Who they are, what’s their interest, who are their friends

Where they spend and what you have in common with them

Number 3, analyze the serp listing

Search your money phrase and pay attention to who’s mentioned

Take note to the type of web pages thats ranking

Is it transactional, advertisements, or informational

Number 4, know your competitors inside out

What works for them might work for you know what I’m talking about

Number 5, survey and interview your current customers

Send em a coupon then ask them why they stuck with you

Try Mailchimp with SurveyMonkey

Clean not clunky, easy to use even for the flunkies

Number 6 identify questions being asked about you

Probably want to find out why they asking others and not you

Number 7, you must explore the market

SEMrush has a tool, to help you solve it

Success comes with understanding how your audience hit it

identify how they want to get it then create content and flip it

Take some time to make sure your content is targeted

Focused direct and sharpening

Sales without no arguments

Leads, you will start harvesting

Customers, they will start marveling

When you target your audience

Thats effective marketing