reputation management

On this episode of The SEO Rapper Podcast we’ll discuss Reputation Management, and How To Stay In Good Standings With Your Audience. I found a dope article about it from Brent Barnhart on the Sprout Social blog. He shared some valuable information about consumers too. Did you know “53% of consumers like or follow a brand on social to learn more about it” or “users need to see 10 positive reviews before they trust you”? Understanding this about consumer behavior, enforces the need for reputation management.

He listed 5 Steps any business can follow to manage the company reputation.

  1. Determine where your online reputation currently stands.
  2. Track your company’s mentions.
  3. Be proactive and positive as you respond to your mentions.
  4. Take control of the companies narrative.
  5. Take action based on comments, criticism and analytics.

The biggest takeaway is that reputation management is necessary in our digital age. Word of mouth is still the best type of referral, even when done digitally and reputation management in needed to support it.