Chicago for Mobile University The SEO Rapper

So, a cool dude named Hugh from HMC (Heartland Mobile Council) reached out to me about this annual conference they have called Mobile University. He was like, “Yo, you should come to Chicago for our mobile conference. It’s gonna be good and I’d love for you to compose something about mobile marketing”. I told him to send me the details and I replied with more information. It seemed pretty cool…I mean…I’d never been to Chicago and I was already researching mobile marketing anyway. What better opportunity than to attend a mobile marketing conference. I sent him back my details…you know…travel, lodging, performance fee and he agreed. I talked to Baby (my girlfriend…soon to be wife) about it and she was like, “ooh Chicago, I want to go”. With that, we were on our way to Chi-Town.


Chicago is a beautiful city, although we spent most of our time downtown. The people were nice and food was delicious. Except the conference food. It was catered by Wolf Gang Puck so I had high hopes. I didn’t like it at all. We did alot of walking, shopping and eating. The conference was great. I had discussions with some people from Google doing demonstrations on Google Wallet. I met with a company called Lockitron and their demonstration was dope. You can lock and unlock the doors to your house from a mobile app. After the live performance where I debuted the Mobil 101 song, we recorded the video for it.


Check out the video below to see my trip. I had hours worth of footage and trimmed it to 5 minutes. Stay tuned for the Mobil 101 video coming soon.



*********************** UPDATE *********************************


Below is the video to #Mobile101