SEO vs SEM is the latest song from The SEO Rapper.

SEO or SEM? Should I pay for website traffic?  I still get those questions.  It’s usually from people newer to the world of digital marketing.  I’ve always been a fan of doing both when you can.  Check out my latest track.  Watch the video below, or if you just want to listen to it…stream it.

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SEO vs SEM Lyrics

yo…I’m back with more flows I get it in
this one here is SEO Vs SEM
technically it SEO is part of SEM
add PPC its all search engine marketing
for these bars I’ll talk about paid and organic
cause one is fast one is slow like water and molasses
running separately now I’m at the intersection
learn the benefit of doing both in this lesson
First off, pick your keyphrases
is the content relevant on the target pages
don’t exact match, just write around the topic
semantic index is the way you get it popping
add videos, images and meta data
add headers, schema and links then you made it
fetch and render when the page optimized fully
bout to own the search listing first page bully
create ad campaigns with the same targets
and land on the same pages thats working smarter
and don’t be surprised
page already optimized
watch ya quality score rise
and watch them leads multiply
pro tip…use your headers in the ad text
so when they click it, the page will make more sense
see what happens when they click thru
if the page relevant they’ll stick too
how many leads did that get you
track conversion in Adwords and Analytics too
check the paid ads, which had the best engagement
pause the others and create a new variation
update the target page with the new ad text
transform your site to a lead magnet
PPC will get you ROI quick and fast
SEO improves ranking as the time pass
if you can, do them both at the same time
build authority and get leads, online
if you still got questions, let me know, get a quote

If you’re interested in a longer explanation of the differences between SEO & SEM, click over to MARION and read my latest blog post about SEO vs SEM.