This one was released on YouTube on 10/21/10. It’s called Social Media Marketing. Enjoy. The lyrics are below.

I messed my keywords up,
lets see if I can fix that
from page 1 to page 13, lets see if I can get back
lose traffic and lose money, you know that I can’t have that
social networks everywhere, where can I put my ads at
fix my SEO up
I’m trying to get back anything
fix google, no more Yahoo, they results come from bing
several profiles on ning
adding links to everything
sharing links on delicious, social bookmarking
expecting me to retreat
I won’t accept defeat
write a new blog post, put it on twitter, can I get a retweet
hashtag fb, selective tweet to facebook
hasttag blogtitle, you know what it is before you take a look
how much time will I spend, trying to make my topic trend
not too much if they don’t like it, well they don’t like it then,
more followers and more friends
haven’t reached my peek yet
checking all my social sites in one place, tweetdeck
pay per click on facebook,
include it in my marketing
cost less than google adwords and its highly targeted
locally, I look for deals, call me cheap, I don’t care
check me out on foursquare, if you want to go there
got so many profiles, sometimes I can’t stand it
bebo, myspace, virb, black planet
I stopped using all them years ago, they old and they outdated
never got into yammer, and google wave never made it
talk about what I do use
where do I begin,
facebook, tumblr, youtube, linked in
vimeo, yelp, technorati, flickr
stumbleupon, digg and I’m almost tired of twitter
you get the picture
I won’t say no more,
the internet changed its all about sharing, web 2.0
on the road or at home
mac book or on my phone
down with google android, no blackberry no iPhone
all my profiles updated
all my sites integrated
find me or my product easy I just demonstrated
this ain’t the game you should be playing if you can’t fade it
I ain’t made it yet, so don’t ask me how I made it
I do this everyday still on the hunt for my next check
mac book pro on deck
checking the web for the next tech
your best bet don’t fret yet
no sweat if its no threat
strategically planning all your moves, chess set
you add friends confirm, their interest in your project
link all your profiles to the site where they can buy that
go try that, and come back
make friends with who you’re targeting
get a buzz and it goes viral, social media marketing