podcast coming soon

It’s definitely time to jump back into podcasting.  I feel like the timing is perfect.  New podcast about all types of subjects are being created all the time.  There are so many different ways to produce, publish, and monetize a podcast these days.  The main ingredients are great content, consistency, and finding your audience.  More importantly, you should serve a purpose.  Solve a problem. A podcast should provide guidance, understanding, information, entertainment…something.  With that being stated, The SEO Rapper podcast coming soon.

Over the last 20 years…I’ve built an audience of peers, friends, colleagues, business owners, and networking folk. At some point, we’ve consulted about their website, search engine optimization, pay per click management, and other online marketing stuff.  I feel like I’ve seen everything…retail, service providers, consultants, multi-level marketing, e-commerce.   The Covid-19 pandemic has birthed lots of new business ideas and ventures from a bunch of folks I know. Everyone wants help improving their online presence too. I intend to share my 20 years of marketing experience along with articles posted by other experts, and rap it up, literally.

Hip Hop culture can be found in everything these days.  Every commercial or ad has some type of beat and dancing.  The verbiage usually rhymes and is on pace. Frankly, if your target audience is “urban”, then your marketing strategy is likely using the culture.  I grew up immersed in Hip Hop culture.  The good, bad, and ugly. The fashion, language…everything.  I also realized I was gifted to write lyrics.  I could take concepts presented to me, and explain them with rhyming words over a beat.  Years ago, I merged my love for hip hop with a passion for marketing and created The SEO Rapper.  I went viral with a song called Design Coding.  I was blown away by the support.  People were actually remembering, comprehending, and learning how to do marketing from my raps.   An SEO guy, who happens to rap. That is still me, and apparently people still enjoy it.  That’s why I’m bringing it back as a podcast. #TheSEORapperPodcast

Back when I was at eWebResults, we had created the #BestSEOPodcast.  It was a weekly review of the latest online marketing information, usually posted by other experts on different platforms. We broadcasted live from Houston once a week for years and created hundreds of episodes. Chris and I had a blast simply talking about what we were good at, and helping other businesses grow.  Top Position Snatchers….and getting punched in the face was a good thing…lol.  It was also great for branding and lead generation.  They’ve rebranded to EWR Digital and made other changes. They are still helping businesses grow, serving the community, and podcasting. The older podcast we created are still available here.

best seo podcast

I’ve been running my own digital marketing agency for almost 2 years now with a handful of select clients. It’s been great. Applying the last 20 years of experience to them has been an amazing thing.  With that being stated, I’m looking to dive back into the podcasting space.  Much has changed since I last did it.  Everything from most of the digital marketing tactics I’ll discuss, to how to even publish a podcast.  I’m pretty good with both so…why not?

I’ll locate articles that will help small businesses, entrepreneurs, non-profits, and other organizations improve their overall digital marketing.  We’ll review it, and then I’ll sum it up lyrically.  Like most podcast, this will be audio and video.  Each episode will feature a rap song summary of the article that was presented.  The podcast and song videos will be available on YouTube.  The song will be distributed and available for streaming on all platforms.  The podcast will be available on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and Spotify.

This is going to be dope…yall get ready. Be sure to subscribe on youtube, and follow on social media to stay updated. Jump on the email list too.  Thanks!