SEO Rapper vs PPC MC Live Battle at SIS The SEO Rapper

So…finally the day came where this whole battle with Aaron Goldman (The PPC MC) goes down.

First off, let me say that SIS (Search Insider Summit) was definitely one of the best marketing conferences I’ve attended. I wish I could’ve stayed for the entire conference. The speakers were great. The food was delicious. The sessions ended about 12 noon each day and they had plenty of activities to do in the evenings…including open bar.

The conference is on Captiva Island, about 40 minutes from Ft. Myers. Captiva Island was awesome. Blue water, white sand, great weather and nice people. I brought my lady Kim with me to Florida. One of the activities available was a boat cruise in the Gulf. It felt strange to be in the Gulf of Mexico and it not be brown, like Galveston. This was really tropical and I actually saw dolphins (totally blew me away).

Anyway, back to the reason I was here. I came to conclude my battle with Aaron once and for all. He had a trick up his sleeve. He did another video prior to the battle. I figured he was working on a video. It was all good though because it didn’t top my last video.

The master of ceremony brought him up and he intro’d our situation and the reason I was there. They played 2 videos and then we went into live battle. It was alot of fun. He’s lucky we only had 2 rounds because I was finally warmed up after the second round, but it was over then. Needless to say, I still won.