The SEO Rapper in Boston Visiting Hubspot The SEO Rapper

This past Thursday through Sunday (March 24-27, 2011) I went to Boston invited by Hubspot to come hang out. After a pretty good flight coming in scheduled for 4 hours that only took 3.5 due to the strong tailwind (according to the pilot), I was there…Beantown…another notch on my trips to the east coast. You know the drill, make the long walk to the baggage claim, get your luggage that looks like everyone else’s and head to ground transportation. Step through the doors and quickly realize that I am not in the south anymore. Fully aware of the temperature…34 degrees…I’m prepared, jacket, long johns, 2 pair of socks inside of my 6 Rings only to step out and be fully disrespected by the breeze. The wind was talking to me…it said…”homie, you not in Houston”. 34 degrees up here is 20 at home”. I scurried to the hotel shuttle to with a small chuckle because the van driver had an issue pronouncing R’s. I told him I going to Hotel Marlowe, and he said, “oh ok…Maaaiilow…get you thee in 15 minutes”.

I checked into the hotel, unpacked the MacBoook, logged on the internet, unpacked my bags and reached out to my boy Hartley Brody from Hubspot. He was awesome for the entire trip. I didn’t want for anything. The weekend was set. I need to do a guest appearance on #HubspotTV on Friday. Inbound Marketing video shoot on Saturday. Fly back to Houston on Sunday. Find some time to try out some food, do some shopping and check out Boston’s night life and this trip will be a total success. That is exactly what I did…


Here’s the full feature on #HubspotTV