So this guy Aaron Goldman challenged me to a battle. I know it was due to the sudden popularity of Page Rank. I truly feel like he saw an opportunity to align himself with something that was making a buzz.

First, he tried to go through a friend of mine, Marie Weber. She texted me with something along the lines of, “Chuck you should meet Aaron Goldman, he wants to rap battle you. It will be fun”. I declined, basically telling her that I had no reason to do so. I don’t have anything to prove and we all know that he doesn’t stand a chance. She replied, “but it will be fun and great promo”. I told her I’d think about it.

Shortly thereafter, I get a Facebook friend request from…you guessed it…Aaron. I checked out his profile before accepting. I looked at the book he’d written and watched the rap videos he made describing the book. I made a decision right then, I’m not going to battle him. It’s not worth it.

A few days later, he makes a post calling me out with a few lyrics in the post. I thought it was funny so I replied with a few lyrics, then he replied with more. I didn’t respond after that.

A few days passed and he posts a video in what looks like his home rapping and challenging me to an SEO vs PPC rap battle.

I decided to poll my Facebook friends and Twitter followers asking them if I should respond. The answers were mixed. Some were saying get him others were saying it wasn’t worth it. I commented telling him that I do PPC also. I told him I do internet marketing period. His reply was something along the lines of “It’s too late Chuck…don’t be scared now”. The competitor in me said get him…so I got him.

I figure he’ll respond again. I won’t reply anymore. We are supposed to do a live rap battle at this conference called SIS (which I’ve never heard of by the way). I looked it up and its in Florida and the registration was quite pricey. He’ll have to cover travel, lodging, registration and a performance fee for me to attend. Then and only then will I respond and if that happens, he won’t wanna rap again when I’m done.

In the meantime, a colleague and overall awesome dude named Darren Booy from Creative Dynamics thought that challenge was awesome. He decided to promote it so he created a site where people could go vote. He called it “The Ultimate SEO & PPC Battle!“. Visit the site and vote for me.


So, last night, Aaron post a round 2 video…calling out again. This dude had me literally ROTFLMAO. I said I wouldn’t respond. I’m not sure what to do at this point. I feel like he needs to cut a check or something. Here’s his round 2 video.


OK…so yeah…after a couple weeks of debating…I responded….


After my response, Aaron followed up with a phone call. He said it was all fun and games and would love to have me out for SIS. He took care of the paperwork, and so I went, to finish him once and for all.

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