YouTube SEO, 10 best practices
follow these steps when you trying to get traffic to it
Shout out to Brent Csutorus, SEJ
One of my favorite sources, I trust what they say
find the right keywords that’s step 1
check your competition video is the next one
number 3 you wants words with low competition
hard to get your video to show in front of millions
number 4 and number 5, really close
optimize the video like a blog post
magnetize the watchers, number 6
what he saying is make your audience stick
number 7, ask for comments
they improve ranking, and add prominence
number 8 is say they keyword in the video
I call that transcription SEO
promote promote, that’s number 9 mane
share the videos, at different time frames
number 10, optimize the channel
main image, description, custom handle
Sync with Google Ads, Analytics and GMB
So you can use the videos in your PPC
That’s YouTube SEO, for beginners
10 Best Practices to make your video a winner